December 2017 Essential Rewards Promotion

If you aren't enrolled in Essential Rewards, you are missing out. Read this post to find out what it is all about. Think of Essential Rewards like a monthly subscription box, only you get to choose the price and what you get each month! On top of that, you will receive discounted shipping, earn a percentage of what you spend back, and get free products. Free products are offered at the following price points: 100 PV, 190 PV, 250 PV, and 300 PV. Young Living is offering an amazing assortment of free goodies this month! Getting these promos is easy. Simply place an Essential Rewards order and the corresponding freebies will automatically ship along with your order!


The December Essential Rewards Promotion is all about the holiday season and starting the new year off on the right foot. This collection of favorites will put you in the holiday spirit! Scroll to the bottom for a quick video that explains this month's promotion. 

Young Living's December 2017 Essential Rewards Promotion: Earn free oils and products


100 PV

Nutmeg Vitality 5ml ($17.11 retail value / $13.00 wholesale value)

Nutmeg has a sweet yet spicy aroma and taste. It pairs beautifully with cinnamon, clove, ginger, and orange essential oils. Nutmeg is the perfect addition to roasted fall or winter produce such as your favorite squash. Add a drop of Nutmeg Vitality Oil to your glass of eggnog or your favorite spice cake recipe for a holiday treat. Not only will it add flavor to your favorite seasonal treats, but you’ll reap the health benefits. Nutmeg is known to help support the immune system and cognitive function in addition to containing antioxidants. 


190 PV

Northern Lights Black Spruce 5ml ($31.25 retail value / $23.75 wholesale value)

Northern Lights Black Spruce comes from the Young Living farm in British Columbia. It is one of my favorite essential oils. The scent is woodsy, yet slightly sweet. It promotes relaxation and is wonderful for use during yoga or meditation. It’s an oil that I buy every month because I don’t want to risk running out. My favorite use is to simply diffuse the oil as I adore the scent. It pairs well with Valor or Cedarwood. Northern Lights Black Spruce may help soothe dry skin and enhance the appearance of your skincare routine. This smell is perfect for adding to your skincare routine. 

Lemon Essential Oil 15ml ($24.34 retail value / $18.50 wholesale)

The clean, citrus scent is sunshine in a bottle. Once you try Lemon essential oil, you’ll make sure you always have a bottle around. Lemon oil helps reduce and remove odors, making it the perfect oil to add to your Thieves cleaner or diffuse with Purification. Need an extra pick-me-up in the morning or hitting your afternoon slump? Diffuse equal parts Lemon and Peppermint. Additionally, Lemon essential oil is the perfect addition to your beauty and skincare routine. Add a drop to your evening moisturizer to help reduce blemishes and brighten skin. Add a few drops to your bottle of conditioner for shiny, healthy looking hair. 

Nutmeg Vitality 5ml


250 PV

Life 9, 30 count ($37.83 retail value / $28.75 wholesale value)

Probiotics are an important part of a healthy lifestyle as they aid in gut, intestinal, and immune system health. Life 9 is a high-potency probiotic that contains 9 strains of healthy bacteria. Mayo Clinic explains that probiotics offer benefits such as “speeding treatment of certain intestinal infections and easing or reducing the severity of the cold and flu.” Remember to store your Life 9 in the refrigerator to keep the bacteria alive. 

Northern Lights Black Spruce 5ml

Lemon Essential Oil 15ml

Nutmeg Vitality 5ml


300 PV

Sacred Frankincense 15ml ($96.71 retail value / $73.50 wholesale value)

This month you get the rarest and most sought-after essential oil for free! Sacred Frankincense is relaxing and grounding, making it ideal for use during meditation, yoga, prayer, reflection, or as an addition to your bedtime routine. Sacred Frankincense smooths and enhances the appearance of skin. Try adding a drop to your favorite facial moisturizer. 

Life 9

Northern Lights Black Spruce 5ml

Lemon Essential Oil 15ml

Nutmeg Vitality 5ml


As you can see, the promo items this month are amazing! Wondering how you will hit the PV to get the promos you want? Here are some ideas:

  1. Stock up on items that support your immune system and help you stay healthy such as Super C, ImmunoPro, Ningxia Red and Inner Defense.
  2. Order oils/products that you use frequently and don't want to run low on. 
  3. Consider adding Vitality Oils to your favorite holiday treats. Try Lemon cookies or Peppermint chocolate fudge. 
  4. Buy cleaner versions of the household items you use every day such as Thieves Household Cleaner or Thieves Laundry Soap.