March 2019 Essential Rewards Promotion

The March Essential Rewards Promotion is all about getting ready for Spring. This month we are celebrating the Thieves line, a non-toxic, plant-based cleaning line. Get ready to switch to safer for products for free!


If you aren't enrolled in Essential Rewards, you are missing out on free products every month! Read this post to find out what it is all about. Think of Essential Rewards like a monthly subscription box, only you get to choose the price and what you get each month! On top of that, you will receive discounted shipping, earn a percentage of what you spend back, and get free products. Free products are offered at the following price points: 100 PV, 190 PV, 250 PV, and 300 PV.

Young Living is offering an amazing assortment of free goodies this month! Getting these promos is easy. Simply place an Essential Rewards order and the corresponding freebies will automatically ship along with your order!

Celebrate spring with Young Living's March PV Promotion

100 PV 

Orange Vitality, 5ml ($7.89 retail value, $6.00 wholesale value)

Getting good, fresh citrus year round is difficult, but you can use orange vitality in any recipe in place of orange juice, extract, or zest! Add a drop or two to your favorite baked goods, dressings, or marinades. Don’t forget to make yourself an old fashioned.

190 PV 

Thieves, 5ml ($19.41 retail value, $14.75 wholesale value)

Thieves is a spicy blend of cinnamon, clove, rosemary, lemon, and eucalyptus. This powerful and popular oil is the most widely known and loved of all of Young Living’s signature blends for a good reason. Diffuse it to freshen any room while supporting your immune system. It pairs beautifully with Orange (and both are free!). For extra Immune support, add 10 each of Thieves, Lemon, and Frankincense (and an optional 5 drops of Oregano) to a 10ml roller and fill with carrier oil. Roll the blend on the bottoms of your feet before bed. 

Thieves Dish Soap, 12 fluid ounces ($18.42 retail value, $14 wholesale value)

Let me blow your mind: soap doesn’t have to foam to clean. We’ve learned to associate foam with cleaning power, but foam actually comes from sodium laurel sulfate or sodium dodecyl sulfate which are cheap detergents that are known to irritate the eyes, lungs, and skin. Make the switch to a safer alternative for free this month. 

250 PV

Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, 8 fluid ounces ($17.43 retail value, $13.25 wholesale value)

Making your own foaming hand soap is easy, but it’s even easier when the foaming bottle is sent to you for free. Enjoy the fresh, spicy scent of Thieves in a natural hand soap your guests will love. 

Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soap, 16 fluid ounces ($25.99 retail value, $19.75 wholesale value)

We all know that we should wash our fruits and veggies, but many of us skip the step due to the hassle. Young Living makes it easy with this fruit and veggie soak concentrate. Simply add 2 tablespoons of the concentrate for every gallon of water and allow your produce to soak for 1-2 minutes. You’ll be amazed what’s in the water after just a few minutes! This large bottle will last you a long time!

Thieves Dish Soap

Thieves, 5ml

Orange Vitality, 5ml

Celebrate spring with Young Living's March PV Promotion

300 PV

Thieves Household Cleaner, 14.4 fluid ounces ( $29.61 retail value, $22.50 wholesale value)

If you’ve tried this all natural, plant-based multi-purpose cleaner, chances are you’re jumping up and down at the thought of getting it for free this month. If you haven’t tried it yet, get ready to be blown away. Thieves cleaner can replace every cleaner you currently use. It leaves any surface spotless and shiny and leaves behind a fresh, clean scent that isn’t overpowering. Since it’s a concentrate, you’ll be able to make 28 spray bottles for free. Simply add half a capful of concentrate to a 16 ounce spray bottle and top with distilled water and you’re ready to start your spring cleaning. Add a few drops of Orange to the spray bottle for a citrus scent. As an added bonus, this cleaner works fabulously as a stain remover. Simply fill a roller bottle with the concentrate for an easy stain stick. 

YL branded microfiber towels (only available as a promotion)

Microfiber towels are environmentally friendly and perfect for cleaning. They quickly wick away moisture and pick up dust. Simply wash, air dry, and reuse. 

Kunzea, 5ml ($52.30 retail value, $39.75 wholesale value)

Kunzea is a flower from Australia and Tasmania. Steam distilled from the leaves and branches, Kunzea works much like Tea Tree, but with a mild, pleasant scent. Use it to freshen your home while you clean by adding a few drops to your vacuum filter or bag. Diffuse it with Lime to eliminate odors and create a bright, clean scent that will leave you dreaming of warmer days. Like Tea Tree, Kunzea is also great for skin. Apply it directly to blemishes as part of your evening skincare routine or add a few drops to your favorite toner. 

Thieves Foaming Hand Soap

Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soap

Thieves Dish Soap

Thieves, 5ml

Orange Vitality, 5ml

Mach Must Haves:

Thieves Laundry Soap ($38.82 retail value, $29.50 wholesale value)

Since this month is all about spring cleaning and making the switch to safer products, it only makes sense to highlight Thieves Laundry soap. Clothes touch every inch of your body and your skin absorbs what you put on it, so using a natural detergent just makes sense. Like most of the Thieves line, this detergent is a concentrate. One bottle will last 64 loads of laundry! 

Coconut Lime Replenishing Body Butter ($42.43 retail value, $32.25 wholesale value)After a long, cold winter chances are your skin is in need of some serious moisture! Mango and capuacu butter work with coconut oil and skin-loving oils to leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft all day long. The bright, summery scent is the perfect way to welcome spring.