Young Living Essential Rewards

If you are already a Young Living member and think you will order from Young Living regularly, or if you have a few items on your wish list, joining Essential Rewards is the next step. With Essential Rewards you will receive discounted shipping on your monthly order, loyalty gifts, the opportunity to earn free products each month, and you will earn back a percentage of what you spend (which you can then use to get even more free products). There are so many opportunities to earn free products that it can be a little tricky to keep track of at first, so we will break it down below.


How Essential Rewards Works
Essential Rewards is a monthly subscription that you can customize to fit your needs. In order to qualify you must be a member and spend at least 50 PV (50 Product Value is usually equal to $50) each month. What you order is entirely up to you. You can adjust your order over the course of each month as you change your mind (I change mine more than I would like to admit). Your order will ship on the same date each month, but if you are antsy you can order early for no extra charge. If you are running low on an oil, this is a great time to replace it. If you are starting your oily journey, chances are you are also trying to replace some of the items you use every day with more natural choices. Your monthly order is a great time to snag Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner or try a new natural beauty product. Once you have selected your products for the month, you can select a discounted shipping option and start earning free products.


Loyalty Gifts
By staying enrolled in Essential Rewards and placing a monthly order of 50PV or more you will earn loyalty gifts at months 3, 6, 9, and 12. That’s four free oils in the first year! Check out the graphic below to see the fabulous loyalty gifts!

Essential Rewards.png

Earn Free Products
There are two ways that you can earn free products each month.


Staying enrolled in Essential Rewards will not only earn you loyalty gifts, you will also earn a percentage of your total PV (what you spend before tax and shipping) to spend on products of your choice. The longer you remain enrolled, the more you earn. For your first three months, you will earn 10% back in points. That means that if you spend $100, you will get 10 ER points to spend on products. For months 4-24 you will earn 20%. Once you have been enrolled in the program for more than 24 months, you will receive 25% back.


Not only will you earn points to spend on free products, but any order over 100PV will earn you free products with that month’s shipment. I’m not talking a sample product - full bottles, folks! Here are the PV benchmarks to remember: 100, 190, 250, and 300. Each month new oils and products are featured. Check out the graphic below to see the June Promotion. There is no extra work to do, simply make sure your order hits any of these benchmarks and the free products will arrive with your order.

My Experience with Essential Rewards
If teaching has taught me anything, it is that examples are the way to go. June 2017 was my fourth month of Essential Rewards orders. Below you can see what I ordered and what that meant in terms of the rewards I earned.


I placed a larger order this particular month since I was running low on several bottles and needed to replace them. Here’s what I ordered: 5ml Peace and Calming, 5ml Frankincense Vitality, 15ml Purification, 15ml Lemongrass, 15ml Thieves, 15ml Lavender, and 15ml Ylang Ylang. My order came to just over 190 PV. As an Essential Rewards member, I received several benefits: 

  • Discounted shipping
  • My 3 month loyalty gift (a free 5ml bottle of Peppermint Vitality)
  • 20% back = 38PV (Usually equivalent to $38.00) to spend on Young Living Products
  • The June Promotion items (5ml Spearmint Vitality, 15ml Patchouli, 15ml Cypress). You guys, these three bottles alone are worth $63.75


 How to Join Essential Rewards

  1. Log into your Young Living account.
  2. Go to your Virtual Office if the page does not direct you there automatically.
  3. Click on “Essential Rewards” (located on the left side of the screen).
  4. Select the items you would like to order.
  5. You will be prompted to set up a monthly shipping date. This is the date that your order will ship automatically unless you to manually process your order before the determined date (there is no extra charge for this option).
  6. You will have until 12:00am US Mountain Time the night before your process date to change your order. Enter your shipping information and select your desired shipping method. You can change this until 12:00am US Mountain Time the night before your order processes. To change your order at any time during the month, simply click on “Essential Rewards” you can choose “View Order” to see what is in your cart or “Change Order” to adjust as needed.”
  7. To manually process your monthly order early, click “Process Today.”
  8. Tip: Always double check your order before it processes.