Are Young Living Essential Oils Worth the Cost?

One of the most common questions I receive has to do with price. You work hard for your money and want to know that every dollar is a dollar well spent. While Young Living Essential Oils aren’t cheap, they are well worth the price. If you aren’t familiar with the Seed to Seal Promise, you can read about the quality of Young Living oils here. If you are familiar, let’s do a price breakdown.

How much would you pay for a better night’s sleep? What about great face cream? A hand soap with recognizable ingredients? How much would you pay to stress less? All of these things are possible with essential oils. Here’s some fabulous news: you can use essential oils for all of those items as well as just about anything else you can imagine. Essential oils can be used to replace many of the items you use every day; additionally, these replacements are natural and you can control the ingredient list.


How many uses are in a bottle of oil?
Young Living sells 5ml bottles and 15ml bottles. A 5ml bottle contains approximately 85 drops; a 15ml bottle contains approximately 250 drops. The exact number of drops depends on the individual oil and its viscosity. You will notice that some oils are thinner while others are more syrupy.

Drops Per Bottle.png

Young Living Essential Oils are pure and incredibly concentrated. You will never use more than 1-2 drops at a time. Let’s break that down.

  • 1 drop per use, 5ml bottle: approximately 85 uses

  • 2 drops per use, 5ml bottle: approximately 42 uses

  • 1 drop per bottle, 15ml bottle: approximately 250 uses

  • 2 drops per bottle, 15ml bottle: approximately 125 uses


It is also important to consider how you plan on using the bottle. For example, I love to make roller bottles using my essential oils. I always have a few roller bottles in my purse and on my nightstand for easy access and applying on the go. I add 15-30 drops of oil to my 10ml roller bottle depending on the blend and its use. By doing this, I am getting WAY more out of that bottle because I have diluted the mixture and I can easily apply my oils on the go. Take Stress Away for example. I keep a blend in my purse that is simply 20 drops of Stress Away topped off with a carrier oil. That 10ml roller bottle will easily last 50 uses or more.


Price per Drop
Below you will find a price per drop list for all of the oils in the Premium Starter Kit. All prices are calculated using the wholesale price for a 15ml bottle with the exception of vitality oils which are sold in 5ml bottles. All numbers were rounded to the nearest penny.

Are Young Living essential oils worth the cost? Check out the cost per drop.

Let’s put those numbers into perspective. You could easily spend $100 on a designer face cream or serum. If you use essential oils, you don’t need that cream or serum. Frankincense is great for the skin and known to smooth the appearance of skin. You can add 1-2 drops to your favorite moisturizer before bed. To support your digestive system try using 1-2 drops of DiGize. Not only is it economical, but you know exactly what you are getting and where the oil comes from.


I see the what? 

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