Young Living's Seed to Seal Promise

How do you know which oil brand is best?

Essential oils are everywhere. You can find them at grocery stores, natural foods stores, superstores, and most department stores. You might be wondering what the difference is between Young Living Essential Oils and the oils you find elsewhere. The easy answer is you get what you pay for. There IS a difference between a $6.00 Lavender and a $23.50 (wholesale cost) Young Living bottle of Lavender. Many oils on store shelves are diluted or adulterated to make them cheaper and easier to produce, thus the lower prices. The good news is that Young Living Essential Oils are highly concentrated, meaning fewer drops are required to get the desired results. 


Why I chose Young Living

For most people, the Seed to Seal Promise is why they end up choosing Young Living. Although it ended up being one of my reasons in the end, I wanted to do my own research. There is nothing my teacher brain loves more than checklists and research, so that’s where I started.


I dipped my big toe into the water with four oils: Stress Away, Thieves, Cedarwood, and Lavender. I looked into oils hoping to find relief from a few ailments: I wanted to lessen my anxiety, stay healthy, and sleep better. I was convinced that my initial order of four bottles was all I needed and I didn’t plan on ordering again. I started by diffusing Thieves in my classroom and a mixture of Lavender and Cedarwood at bedtime. I applied the Stress Away to my wrists when my anxiety acted up.

After about six months I started researching other companies. I loved the oils I was using and wanted to try more, but I wanted to make sure I picked the right company before diving in. I investigated all of the major companies and some smaller ones as well. I had a few requirements:

  • I wanted to know where my oils came from.

  • I wanted an essential oil company that came with a community. I knew I would have questions and wanted to find new recipes.

  • I wanted oils that were safe to ingest. I love to diffuse my oils and if I am breathing something in for hours each day, I want to know that it is safe.

  • I wanted excellent customer service. Things happen - Boxes fall off trucks. Packages get plopped down rather than moved about gently. I wanted to know that if anything happened, I wouldn’t have to spend two hours on the phone fighting with someone.

Young Living essential oils are the purest on the market thanks to their Seed To Seal Promise

The Seed to Seal Promise

My first checklist item was that I wanted to know where my oils came from. While doing my research, I learned that anyone can go visit any of Young Living’s farms. Visitors can take a tour of their facilities and even participate in the harvest and distillation process.


 The Seed to Seal Promise is how Young Living guarantees every step of the process, along with the quality and authenticity of their product. This begins with verifying the identity of the botanical. Next, the plants are harvested at the optimal time. Young Living uses a process called Gas Chromatography to verify the quality of each product. Finally, tests are performed to verify purity, potency, and safety. It is important to note that many of these tests are done twice: once upon the warehouse receiving the oil, and again after production. Additionally, while tests are done by Young Living, they are also performed by third party facilities. Each individual bottle is carefully labeled with tracking information so that it can be traced back to its source.


You might be wondering what happens to the oils that don’t pass the strict quality standards? Young Living doesn’t believe in waste. For example, their plants are grown in sustainable fields without chemical pesticides; instead, they use the oils that didn’t make the cut to naturally ward off any unwanted pests and their farms are weeded by hand.

To learn more about the Seed to Seal Promise or see the farms and learn which oils come from which farms, visit