How to Switch to Non-Toxic Makeup on a Budget

If you missed the first two parts of the series, make sure you check those out before reading this post. Part one identifies four gross ingredients hiding in your makeup and explains the basics of Savvy Minerals, Young Living’s toxin-free makeup line. You can also find information about the foundation and how to pick the right shade. Part two reveals two additional scary ingredients hiding in makeup and showcases the options for eye makeup, lip colors, and more. 


Makeup can be expensive, but quality makeup is an investment. With Savvy Minerals, you don't have to sacrifice safety or quality. This post will offer you a monthly guide to help you build your Savvy Minerals collection with an option for every budget. 

How to make the switch to non-toxic makeup on a budget

Before we get to the guides, let’s talk Young Living membership. If you are already a member, we suggest that you place your order on Essential Rewards. If you are not already enrolled in this fabulous program, you can read more about it here. Essential Rewards offers cheaper shipping options and an opportunity to earn free oils and products each month. The best part is that when you are enrolled in Essential Rewards you will earn 10-25% of what you spend as points. The percentage you receive depends on how long you have been enrolled in the program. You can then spend these points on Young Living products. Imagine if you got 10-25% of what you spent at Target back in gift cards! 


If you are not yet a Young Living member and are interested in the makeup, the best option is to become a member by creating a customized starter kit. 

  1. Click here to order the Basic Starter Kit. It includes a 5ml bottle of Stress Away, samples, and other goodies to help you get started. Additionally, you will receive one year of membership which allows you to order at 24% off retail prices. 
  2. During the checkout process, you will be asked if you would like to enroll in Essential Rewards. Scroll past the Essential Rewards kits and select the “customized” option. At this point, you can add the makeup items you desire or add the suggested items from month 1 below (either price range). Check out this post for detailed ordering instructions. 

The monthly buying guides below fall into two categories, both of which are centered around Essential Rewards. In order to keep your Essential Rewards activated, you must place a monthly order with a minimum of 50PV. Placing a monthly order of 100PV will earn you a free oil each month. We tried to keep each option as close to those price points as possible. Please feel free to tweak these guides and make them your own. Our goal is simply to show you that toxin-free makeup can be affordable on any budget. All of the color options can be seen in posts one and two of the “Savvy Minerals: How to Clean Up Your Makeup Routine” series.

How to switch to non-toxic makeup on a budget. View our monthly buying guide.

Option 1: $50/month plan

By committing approximately $50 a month, you can switch out most of your makeup for Savvy Minerals. Not only are you removing toxins and mystery ingredients from your daily routine, but you will be using a beautiful makeup that will improve the look and quality of your skin. Month one includes everything you need to replace your foundation. Month two is all about enhancing your look with a pop of lip and eye color. In month three you will add a healthy glow and definition with cheeck color. 


Month 1: $59


Misting spray


Month 2: $53.25

2 Eyeshadows



Month 3: $55.50



How to switch to non-toxic makeup on a budget. View our monthly buying guide.

Option 2: $100/month plan

This option will allow you to replace all of your current makeup with Savvy Minerals in three months. Month one includes everything you need for foundation and a flawless finish. Month two includes everything you need to enhance your look and make your natural beauty shine. Month three will add the finishing touches and even includes a foundation refill. 


Month 1: $104


Misting Spray

Diamond Dust 


Month 2: $101.75

2 Eyeshadows



Blush or Bronzer


Month 3: $115.25

Blush or Bronzer



Refill Foundation